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Linux Administration

With Linux expertise dating back to 1994 we have an unrivalled deep understanding of Linux. We help organizations with every day linux administration tasks up through complex performance/reliability troubleshooting. We also have an expertise in creating maintainable Linux environments to optimize IT budgets and personnel.


Our goal is to provide actionable security advice specific to the client's environment. Our pragmatic approach isn't about checking boxes on an audit checklist, but rather a full-stack examination of the real-world risks to your business.We perform vulnerability scans using the same tools used by hackers, and assist with attack forensics.

Scalable Environments

Scaling infrastructure to meet the demands of a growing environment can be a daunting task. We have the expertise of having "been there, done that" having scaled multiple high-volume Internet-facing brands. Our full-stack approach allows us to identify and resolve bottlenecks at all layers of the environment.


Modern web-scale applications require infrastructure automation to properly scale.We have expertise in multiple open-source automation packages (Ansible, Chef, Puppet), and the experience of having built automated environments correctly. Automation done correctly can be a force multiplier for an operations team, but when done wrong can become a burden.

AWS Professionals

Building an infrastructure to maximize Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources requires unique skills that traditional operations teams may lack. We have leveraged AWS IaaS and PaaS services to build highly-scalable and easily maintained environments. Our deep knowledge of AWS APIs allows us to take a modern, programmatic approach to infrastructure.

Team Optimization

With our modern approach to IT and operations, we help clients fix internal teams that are struggling or lack direction. Our expertise is focused on creating functional team roadmaps based on business requirements, and reorganizing teams to be successful in reaching those objectives.

About us


Andy Shoemaker - Founder

Andy has more than 15 years of operations experience in massive-scale consumer websites. He has extensive expertise in high volume websites; with a focus on Linux systems, LAN/WAN networking, system security, performance troubleshooting, devops, and data center operations. He also has a passion for entrepreneurship, co-founding the free email service popular in the late 90's and early 00's.

Andy previously lead the technical operations team at TripAdvisor, a hugely successful online travel website. Prior to this, he managed the live operations team at Harmonix Music Systems, the maker of the popular Rockband franchise for the Xbox360, Wii and Playstation 3. He has a video game title credit for his work on Rockband3 and Dance Central. Earlier in his career he was the manager of systems and networks for Cambridge Interactive Development Corporation, the operator of one of the worlds largest online casino and poker rooms. He was also instrumental in the development of the initial architecture for now owned by GSN. Andy attended Northeastern University where he studied mechanical engineering.

Our Clients

JNS Clients


DDoS Simulation Platform

NimbusDDOS is a cloud-based platform that allows companies to assess their susceptibility and preparedness for distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS). The cloud design allows for attack simulations ranging from 10Mbps to in excess of 100Gbps. The platform performs most of the common DDoS attacks seen on the Internet or can be customized for specific customer application.

  • Extensive Simulation Library - Simulations ranging from layer3 through layer7
  • Cloud Based Attack Platform - Infinite scale, geographically dispersed
  • Integrated Monitoring - Real-time view of attack metrics, target performance tracking
  • DDoS Experts - Industry leaders in DDoS
  • Custom Attack Services - In-house expertise in DDoS software creation

How can we help you today?

JNS provides "white glove" consulting services for businesses looking to transform their live-site operations or IT organization. With an average of over 15 years industry experience, the JNS team has the experience and expertise to assist your business in adapting to the ever-changing information technology landscape. JNS offers all levels of IT and operations consulting, with resources available for both time and material (T&M) project work, as well as short and long-term contracts on a full or part-time basis.

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